VANCAT Token Fertilization Explained

Biology, cryptology, technology…

VanCat Fertilization

Introducing a new and funky way of minting NFTs based on biology theory of reproduction; “VanCat Fertilization”.

To perform fertilization, a user must have both VANCAT Sperm Token (VCSPERM) and VANCAT Egg Token (VCEGG).

When the user wants to mint special NFT, the user must have at least 10 Million VANCAT Sperm Token (VCSPERM) and 1 VANCAT Egg Token (VCEGG). We take this idea in real life of cats. One cat ejaculates approximately 10 Million sperm cells with one ejaculation:

After EE, semen volumes ranged from 0.019–0.284 ml (mean 0.076) and spermatozoa counts of ejaculates collected in the catheter ranged from 0.32–49.60 x 106 (mean 11.64 x 106). Some animals show retrograde ejaculation after electrical stimulation.


When the user wants to mint special NFT, our NFT Minting Station (DApp) checks for previous transactions based on user’s wallet address. If the user did not perform an “ejaculation” call with VANCAT Sperm Token (VCSPERM) before, the DApp asks to user for it. User must have at least 10 Million VCSPERM because the ejaculation function costs 10 Million VANCAT Sperm Token (VCSPERM) like in real life.

After that, user must also have at least 1 VANCAT Egg Token (VCEGG) to mint a special NFT. The process is same as VCSPERM. But this time the DApp asks to user for calling “ovulation” function. The ovulation function is available on VANCAT Egg Token only. When ovulation function transaction is completed, the user is ready to mint a special NFT.

What have we done so far?

Like in real life, we ejaculated 10 Million VCSPERM and ovulated 1 VCEGG. So they should be combined now.

Our NFT Minting Station DApp can generate images from these transaction hashes with using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). You can think these hashes as genes and when they combined, they builds the DNA code for the special NFTs.

Hash, code, DNA… Some complicated? Isn’t it? Let’s explain.

This is the creation transaction URL of VANCAT Sperm Token (VCSPERM) :

When you view the link, you can see a transaction hash section at the top. This transaction hash is unique for every transaction on Binance Smart Chain or any blockchain.

The DApp uses this hash as genes and combines both VCSPERM ejaculation function call transaction hash and VCEGG ovulation function call transaction hash. The two codes are thus converted into a single code. This will be your special NFT’s DNA.

Unique, yours, valuable.

Like in real life, these two unique transaction hashes open up countless possibilities. The DApp generates an image from this combined single code, and if you want to use it you can mint your special NFT without any artistic talent.

NFT Launchpad

Are you an artist? And want to mint a special NFT with your own design? Possible. A user can choose not to use the A.I. generated image. So the user can upload his/her own design as special NFT preview. This process is called “NFT Launchpad”.

The user should use the same algorithm as we have explained before. (VCSPERM and VCEGG processes) And when it is completed, user can determine the price for special NFT and sell it for VANCAT Token.

NFT Marketplace is working only with VANCAT Token. So when an NFT is sold (Standard or Special), the buyer pays VANCAT Token to buy it and VANCAT Token holders get 5% from this sale.

VANCAT Fertilization Tokenomics


Contract Address: 0xE285510E5C14c2b8ff46147D9145f034B8Ff073B

VANCAT Sperm Token features:

VANCAT Sperm Token is a subtoken of VANCAT platform.
Users can mint special NFTs with VANCAT Sperm Token.
3% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling
2% fee auto distribute to all holders
Max supply 100 trillion
50 Billion tokens max per TX


Contract Address: 0x1FF2a2c2DEAdb17B6Ba9949393d1406f4c61BFC9

VANCAT Egg Token features:

VANCAT Egg Token is a subtoken of VANCAT platform.
Users can mint special NFTs with VANCAT Egg Token.
3% fee auto add to the liquidity pool to locked forever when selling
2% fee auto distribute to all holders
Max supply 10 million
5000 tokens max per TX

The VANCAT Fertilization — Summary

Our kinky VANCATs ejaculate 10 million sperms and ovulate 1 EGG for a successful fertilization.

A deposit of 10 million VCSperm is needed for ejaculation. A deposit of 1 EGG is also needed for ovulation. Therefore, for every fertilization, 10 million VCSPERM and 1 VCEGG is burnt to create two transaction hashes.

With these two hashes, our artificial intelligence will generate a code (DNA). This DNA will be used to create special NFTs. Therefore, only 10 million special NFTs will be minted in VanCat fertilization.

The Happy Ending

Thereafter, there will be another function called transaction hash. The transaction hash will generate unique DNA through which users can either create NFTs or upload their digital art on VanCat NFT launchpad. The NFTs can later be bought and sold on the VanCat marketplace using the VanCat token only.



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Stay tuned ! 😽✌️

VANCAT platform allows users to easily deposit BEP20 tokens (ANY tokens) into an NFT. VANCAT token is the governance token of the platform.