VANCAT Token Fertilization Explained

What have we done so far?

Like in real life, we ejaculated 10 Million VCSPERM and ovulated 1 VCEGG. So they should be combined now.

Unique, yours, valuable.

NFT Launchpad

VANCAT Fertilization Tokenomics

Contract Address: 0xE285510E5C14c2b8ff46147D9145f034B8Ff073B

VANCAT Sperm Token features:

Contract Address: 0x1FF2a2c2DEAdb17B6Ba9949393d1406f4c61BFC9

VANCAT Egg Token features:




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VANCAT Token Platform

VANCAT Token Platform


VANCAT platform allows users to easily deposit BEP20 tokens (ANY tokens) into an NFT. VANCAT token is the governance token of the platform.